Bond 25: Daniel Craig wears Barton Perreira Joe Sunglasses

The new Bond 25, No Time To Die features fast cars, luxury watches and show-stopping sunglasses! 

James Bond - Barton Perreira Joe SunglassesDaniel Craig has been seen wearing Barton Perreira's Joe sunglasses on the set of his new Bond movie, set to hit the theaters in April 2020. Joe might not be the only pair of sunglasses designed by Patty Perreira to be featured in the new movie. Action scenes shot in Metera, Italy show him wearing Barton Perreira's Norton sunglasses.









Barton Perreira was founded by Bill Barton and Patty Perreira, who have a long-written history of creating glasses with impeccable craftsmanship and design without compromise. 

Each frame is handmade in Japan by highly skilled craftsmen. They are known for their lightweight frames, achieved by using a resin-based polymer plastic called zylonite. It’s hand polished twice to create a seamlessly smooth surface. This material selection and uncompromising process results in a light, durable product with a deep gloss finish. 

Both these sunglasses from Barton Perreira stay true to their classic, seamless style, the brand was hand-picked by the production team to fit the James Bond persona.

Replicas from Barton Perreira are available to pre-order now, with an expected delivery of February 2020. Don't miss out, these sunglasses are not only great to wear but are a collectors item, each with limited edition '007' branding (non-branded also available)!