Chakshu London Opticians was founded by Maya, Surbhi, and Nund, who became friends while studying together at university. 

After qualifying as optometrists in 2010, they gained diverse experience by working in various optometric practices, ranging from large chains to small independent opticians. As a team of friends, they organized an eye camp in India and explored different parts of Far East Asia before deciding to join forces and establish Chakshu London Opticians.

In 2017, they embarked on their entrepreneurial journey by creating their own brand of handmade glasses, named Chakshu London. These distinctive frames were initially sold online and through various pop-up locations in London, including Boxpark in Shoreditch. In 2019, they took the next step in their business by opening their own opticians.

Chakshu London Opticians focuses on providing state-of-the-art technology to deliver top-notch clinical eye care to their patients. In addition to prioritizing advanced eye care, they curate a collection of fabulous and independent eyewear brands for their store. This combination of cutting-edge technology and a carefully selected range of eyewear reflects their commitment to offering a comprehensive and high-quality optometric experience to their customers.



Maya, one of the founders of Chakshu London Opticians, has a personal connection to vision correction, having worn glasses and contact lenses for most of her life due to being heavily short-sighted. This personal experience allows her to empathize with the challenges individuals face in finding suitable eyewear solutions.

In her role as an optometrist and business owner, Maya enjoys engaging with clients, offering consultations, and providing advice on eyewear choices that complement their lifestyles. She appreciates the variety that comes with owning a business, from conducting eye examinations to exploring creative aspects such as web design and selecting the perfect frames.

Beyond her professional life, Maya is passionate about helping people. During Christmas, she dedicates her time as the Eyecare Service Organiser for Crisis, contributing to bringing eyecare services and glasses to the homeless.

In her leisure time, Maya finds joy in activities such as traveling, hiking, and drawing. These personal interests reflect her well-rounded and adventurous personality, contributing to the unique and approachable atmosphere at Chakshu London Opticians.



Surbhi is a perfectionist, where small details matter. She is very methodical in her testing and consultation approach and enjoys taking on a challenge, anything from a complex prescription to a personal physical challenge. Alongside practising as an optometrist, Surbhi enjoys the creative side of running and building the Chakshu Brand. 

 In her spare time Surbhi enjoys long walks, travelling, beautiful scenery & dancing. She recently ran the London Marathon for Vision Care for Homeless People, a charity which Chakshu London Opticians collect donations for in-store.

NUND VYAS BSc (Hons) MCOptom


Nund has been interested in science from childhood. He was prescribed his first pair of glasses age thirteen and has worn glasses since. He has an eye for spectacle frames and his collection ranges from the weird and wonderful to the classic NHS standard. 

Nund has special interests in Cataracts, Glaucoma and minor eye conditions, he has completed extra modules in these areas as part of Wales Optometry Postgraduate Education Centre. He has also successfully supervised trainee optometrists, generously imparting his knowledge and expertise, guiding them through their assessments.

As an avid health enthusiast, Nund spends his free time playing sports and spreading joy. He has previously completed the North London half marathon and enjoys resistance training. Currently absorbed in yoga meditation his aim is to be able to levitate.