Pupillary distance (indicated on your prescription as PD) is the distance between the pupil centres of each eye, usually measured in millimetres.

This is important for us to know in order to ensure you are looking through the optical centre of your lenses within the frame. This allows us to give you the best possible vision through your glasses. If this measurement is not included in your prescription, you can request it from your optician. 

If you are unable to obtain this measurement, we would like you to follow this method of measuring your PD. 

What you need: 

A phone camera and a standard sized card (e.g. bank card/store loyalty card) 


Step 1: Hold the card below your nose touching your face (if using a bank card please ensure all private information is covered) 

Step 2: Hold your phone at arm's length to take a selfie, please ensure you look directly into the phone camera 

Step 3: Please email a copy of your selfie to info@chakshu.co.uk, along with a copy of your prescription. 

Please note you will require a professional to measure your PD more precisely if you have been previously told that you have a squint (where you have an eye that turns in or out). If you have a fairly strong or complicated prescription it is also advisable to have a professional measure your PD.