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Colibris glasses from Stockelsdorf are popular with people with narrow petite faces all over the world.

Founded by husband and wife; Wolfgang and Susanne Reckzeh in 1998. They found their inspiration to create this brand specifically for petite faces when Susanne was unable to find a trendy pair of glasses that would fit her own petite face, even when her husband owned a well known optician called Colibri and had access to many brands around the world. 

“We manufacture glasses that suit people with narrow faces and whose proportions are matched to them. In this way we guarantee exceptional comfort, quality craftsmanship and underline the personality of the wearer.” - Wolfgang Reckzeh.

Colibris's petite glasses are available to buy online or at Chaskhu London Opticians. Visit us in store to view our whole collection. Our flagship opticians is located near Camden Town, Primrose Hill and Regent's Park.