Very common with age, cataracts are when the lens (a small transparent disc inside your eye) develops cloudy patches. Over time these patches usually become bigger causing blurry, misty vision and eventually, if left untreated, severely blurred vision. 

When we're young, our lenses are usually like clear glass, allowing us to see through them. As we get older, they start to become frosted, like bathroom glass, and begin to limit our vision. This is generally quite normal with age, however can occur in babies and children and younger adults. 

Cataracts usually appear in both eyes. They may not necessarily develop at the same time or be the same in each eye. 

If your cataracts aren't too bad, stronger glasses and brighter reading lights may help for a while. But cataracts get worse over time, so you'll eventually need surgery to remove and replace the affected lens, this is a commonly done procedure nowadays and usually only takes 15-20 minutes!

Symptoms of cataracts: 

  • Blurred or misty vision (this is usually a gradual decline) 
  • Increased difficulty with glare, this can particularly be a problem if you drive at night time.  
  • Difficulty seeing things in low light 
  • Colours appearing faded 

If you suspect cataracts book your eye test at Chakshu London opticians. Our team of optometrists will assess the health of your eyes and discuss the next steps with you.