ADD ON: Make them into sunglasses!


Having prescription sunglasses makes such a difference! Once you have them you'll never go back. Any of our optical frames can be turned into prescription sunglasses. 

Benefits include: 

  • 100% UV protection
  • Excellent glare reduction 
  • Available in three stylish colours: Brown, Grey and Green*
*More bespoke tints are available at Chakshu London Opticians.


Polarised Lenses

In addition to the benefits above, a specially designed film helps to prevent glare further by limiting the direction of light that can pass through the lens. In particular, glare caused by reflections from water, snow and other light reflecting surfaces (e.g. wet roads) is cut out. Great for the outdoorsy types!
    All prescription glasses require a valid prescription, which needs to be emailed to info@chakshu.co.uk, including your Pupillary Distance, before your order can be processed. 

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