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Step 1: Select up to 4 frames

Your Home Trial will be sent to you within 2 working days, free of charge.

Step 2: Try them on

Show them off to your family and friends.

Step 3: Found your perfect pair?

Complete your order online, but first we need a selfie!

Take a selfie at arm’s length wearing your favourite frames at eye level looking directly into your phone camera. Email this to us at selfie@chakshu.co.uk, we can then use this to take all the required measurements to give you the best vision possible. 

Step 4: Return the frames

Using the pre-paid packaging provided.  

Our home trial is absolutely free! However we will need to retain your payment details for security purposes, a charge of £100 per frame will only be taken if the glasses are not returned to us in their original condition. Please see FAQs for more information.

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