Under the spotlight: Atul Kochhar

  Atul Kochhar is a British based, world renowned, two Michelin starred chef with countless restaurants worldwide. Here at Chakshu London we had the absolute pleasure of having a short interview with him to discuss glasses! Why is good vision so important to you as a chef? I feel good vision gives clarity of mind. How many glasses have you owned? I've lost count! What's the one thing you really look for when choosing your glasses? The style and the comfort of the frames is paramount. What do you like about Chakshu London?

All four co-founders are optometrists which provides reassurance that all lenses and frames are made to the highest quality. It is a unique concept and their stylish Italian hand made frames stand out from all the rest.


The wonderful Atul wearing Vitreous - Rock Pool, with polarised lenses and a silver mirror tint. Optimum protection for his eyes without compromising on style.

Shop Atul's look and view our entire collection at  www.chakshu.co.uk

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