Meet the Co-Founders

Welcome to the third in our series of blogs where you will get to know our co-founders. Over the next two weeks you will read more about the beginnings of Chakshu London and how we are different from the rest.

Introducing Jilna.

Jilna is a qualified optometrist from London and loves to swim!

Why did you start Chakshu London?

I have always had a desire to help people, whether that is within my field or on a day to day basis. From years of locuming as an optometrist I was very quick to realise that somehow the clinical aspect of optometry has been lost to significant retail pressure. And as a result I was being judged not on my clinical knowledge and skills but on the number of sales that I had made that day. The line between clinician and retail was becoming significantly blurred and I felt I was not truly helping anyone at all.

I was fortunate enough to meet three other like minded people who felt the same way and that’s where Chakshu London was born! Bringing the clinical knowledge and skills back into the forefront of everything that we do and make sure our customers are always advised correctly to ensure they can make the best decision. It was also very important to us that we created a brand that gave back. So as well as us volunteering our time as optometrists, we donate 5% of all of our profits to a lovely charity called Vision Care for Homeless People.

 What are your visions for the future?

Years ago, before Chakshu London came into the picture the four of us set up our own eye camp in a rural village in India with just the aim of using our skills to help those less fortunate than us. One of our many visions for the future is to be able run a similar permanent camp in developing countries all around the globe. We also aim to promote clinical excellence through our brand, and eventually opening up our own practice will aid us in pushing this message even further.

We are all dedicated to further improve our knowledge by attending courses and always staying highly involved in different optometric courses.

What are your hobbies and interests?

  I love to swim and travel.  I am vegan and have been for nearly six years and living a more compassionate and mindful lifestyle is always a goal of mine.

What has been the best bit so far about having a start up?

I can’t choose one best bit!  There are so many: the new challenges, the small achievements and even the so-called ‘failures’. These have all helped us build the business day by day. But by far the best bit is that I am lucky enough to call the co-founders of Chakshu friends first and business colleagues second. This helps bring a whole new dimension to the way we run Chakshu London.

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