Meet the Co-Founders


Welcome to the first in our series of blogs where you will get to know our co-founders. Over the next four weeks you will read more about the beginnings of Chakshu London and how we are different from the rest.

Introducing Maya.

Maya is a qualified optometrist from London and loves the outdoors!

Why did you start Chakshu London?

Being someone who's worn glasses her whole life, and can't see a thing without them I've always been conscious of them. I would spend ages choosing glasses which usually ended up being the most expensive ones, and I'd still end up wearing contacts! So, I wanted to create fashionable high quality glasses for a reasonable price. Our simple pricing guarantees you get everything you need; anti-reflection, scratch resistance and thinner and lighter lenses (which is super important to me!)

How important is clinical excellence in Optometry?

Recently, it is becoming more widespread how important it is to have regular eye tests. This is not just to ensure you are wearing the correct prescription for your eyes, but also for assessing the health of your eyes. In some cases we can even pick up on general health issues such as diabetes during your eye test. With four optometrists founding Chakshu, we can use our combined knowledge and experiences to instil clinical excellence in our practice.

Being an optometrist, how does your experience help someone choose the right pair of glasses?

After working in the optical industry for 10 years now, and hearing patient's thoughts when choosing frames, we have become attuned to picking out frames that will suit different types of face shapes. With the Chakshu London brand one of the main features we concentrated on was using Mazzucchelli acetate, which makes Chakshu glasses lightweight and in an array of unique colours. Hopefully something to suit each face!

What are your visions for the future?

As our business grows, we hope to open stores across London. We want to go back to putting the importance on the clinical aspect of the eye test. Our aim is to ensure we have the latest technology and the training and knowledge to interpret the results accurately, hopefully catching eye conditions in their very early stages.

Our long term goal is to gain further knowledge in terms of eye care, specialising and providing the best service possible for our patients.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I love travelling, I recently visited Patagonia - the most beautiful place I've ever been! Keeping active and adrenaline activities are also up there too!

What has been the best bit so far about having a start up?

I love the variety! We're doing something new everyday and learning new things everyday too! I feel we're building on what we've learnt through our degrees and careers so far. Launching something new with our own vision and goals is very exciting!

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