• Under the spotlight: Atul Kochhar

      Atul Kochhar is a British based, world renowned, two Michelin starred chef with countless restaurants worldwide. Here at Chakshu London we had the absolute pleasure of having a short interview with him to discuss glasses! Why is good vision so important to you as a chef? I feel good …

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  • Chakshu Steps

    Adapting to your new Varifocals

      Wearing varifocals for the first time can be a daunting experience. We’ve all heard the stories; they make you feel dizzy, you have to keep moving your head around, and it takes forever to get used to them! With our varifocal verification process, we aim to ensure the measurements …

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  • Trial it at home first

    When buying glasses from Chakshu, we hope that you can find the perfect pair.  As qualified optometrists, attention to detail is at our core. Have the best of both worlds, perfectly fitting frames without compromising on your style. We want you to be completely happy with your purchase, so why not …

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  • Be part of the change

    Chakshu’s mission to #providesightcreatevision is three fold. Not only do five percent of all Chakshu profits go to our chosen charity Vision Care for Homeless People, our co-founders strongly believe that donating their time and effort is crucial to creating a positive impact. One of our co-founders has successfully completed …

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  • Inspired by Nature. Designed in London. Handcrafted in Italy.

    Sitting in an air-conditioned conference room in Southern Italy, overlooking the mountains, the inspiration for Chakshu glasses came to mind. Surrounded by natural beauty, we looked to nature to inspire us on the colours of our frames. By choosing Italian Mazzucchelli acetate (plastic), we were able to choose vibrant colours …

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